Big Aussie Flood Pump

For flood mitigation fast deployment is vital to save a farm or town from disaster. Recent rains and the resulting devastation from rising flood water have provided a reminder to those living in low lying areas that preparation is key to coping with these emergencies.

Australian Pump Industries offer a 6” trailer mounted Aussie trash pump with a huge 6,000 litre per minute flow (that’s a whopping 360,000 litres per hour). Called the Aussie MQ600TD, this flood mitigation pump is mobile and can be set up quickly where needed.

“This trailer pump can be deployed fast, anywhere, anytime,” said Aussie Pumps’ product manager Brad Farrugia. “And it’s simple to set up and get pumping quickly and that makes all the difference,” he said.

Like all Aussie self priming centrifugal pumps, the big 6” trash handling unit will self prime through a vertical lift of 7.6 metres.  That self priming characteristic means that it primes first time, every time because of the huge tank built into the pump casings design.  The unique Aussie system enables the pump to purge itself quickly of air, once the engine started, drawing water up through the suction line within a matter of minutes. 

The Aussie flood mitigation pump will pass solids of up to 3 inches in diameter (76 mm).  It’s able to achieve this through a unique “non-clog” style impeller that is the heart of the pump’s design.  An easy clean out port mounted on the front of the machine enables the pump chamber to be cleaned of debris within a matter of minutes, in case of a pump “choke”. 

“The big 6” Aussie trash pump is made to handle flood water that often contains debris” Farrugia said. “The pump is not just a top performer, but is also ultra reliable” he said.

The Deutz air cooled 4 cylinder diesel engine offers electric start and built in safety shut down equipment to protect the machine.  The shutdown system activates in the event of low oil pressure, high oil temperature, or V belt drive failure.

The Aussie MQ600TD has excellent pressure characteristics, with the ability to move water through a vertical discharge lift of 46 metres.  That’s 64.9 p.s.i.!  Aussie Pumps back the big 6” pump with a unique 3 year warranty that is unequalled in the industry.

Sealing of the pump is provided by an oil lubricated tungsten titanium carbide seal designed to handle even abrasive slurry type liquids.  A control panel is shock mounted in a water resistant housing, and includes an hour meter, ammeter, tachometer and alternator failure light.

Further information on the complete range of Aussie trash pumps is available on the Australian Pump website ( and from Aussie Pump Distributors throughout Australia.