Belden’s new uber-rugged switches are built to last

The harsher the ambient and operating conditions, the greater the need for extremely robust network components.

To this end, Belden has introduced the RSR DIN Rail Mount and MACH1000 Rack Mount Ruggedized Switches from Hirschmann, designed specifically for use under extreme conditions.

Whether it is to withstand high temperatures, shock, vibration and EMC concerns, these Fast and Gigabit Ethernet switches offer increased reliability and therefore exceptionally high network availability.

The ruggedized fan-less line comprises a wide and flexible product spectrum with the RSR having up to a 10-port full-fibre rail switch and the MACH1000 able to be full copper, full fibre or a combination of both.

All components have been designed for an operating temperature range of –40C up to +85C.

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