Belden’s new network management system has all the answers

Reliable monitoring and fast visualisation of industrial networks is vital for mission-critical applications, particularly in process and factory automation.

Hirschmann’s Industrial HiVision 4 provides network management comprising configuration, diagnosis and monitoring of all industrial network components in real time. Device status and events can be communicated to all conventional SCADA systems over OPC and forwarded by email, SMS or message window.

The revised and improved HiVision combines two previous packages and offers graphically interactive configurations providing user-friendly access to all features of the network components. It delivers easy system expansion for network monitoring, can manage third party devices and now has multi configuration of switches.

The SCADA interface is a high-performance gateway between SNMP and OPC that integrates network management seamlessly into all SCADA systems. All SNMP data becomes available over OPC. Belden’s HiOPC integrates all network components into SCADA systems.

Hirschmann’s Industrial HiVision Operator Edition ranges from a 25-node licence to 250-node (IP addresses) licence.

Licenses can be combined to increase the amount of supervised nodes. Currently, the largest installed base is 6000.

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