Be prepared with First Aid Works

VISIONSafe has introduced First Aid Works quality products into its range.

First Aid Works is an Australian-owned company, sourcing and manufacturing a unique range of quality first aid products.

Comprehensive research and development has resulted in a range of kits and modules strategically designed to promote easy use in stressful first aid situations.

The often confusing requirements for workplace kits which comply with all

State and Territory workplace regulations and recommendations has also been solved with the National Workplace Kits, providing an easy solution in all workplaces.

The National Workplace Kits are available in a distinctive easy view wall mountable kit, or the convenient portable carry bag, to provide a solution for all workplaces. Both kits contain First Aid Works distinctive five module treatment system which feature color and icon coded modules.

The coded modules aid in the rapid recognition of the treatment module required, and is easily contained and transportable to the scene of injury.

Once used, each module is easily restocked or replaced.

The First Aid Works range includes a Small Workplace Kit, Med/Large Workplace Kit (including Eye Module, Burn Module, Minor Wound Module, Hemorrhage Module and Additional Stock Module).

Handy pocket kits and general-purpose kits are also available for leisure, sport and home.

Ph: 08 9295 0624