B&D opens the door to a new challenge


Sydney-based company B&D Doors & Openers has a multicultural shop floor and sought ways to overcome language barriers and improve staff communication.

In February last year, with the assistance of CTPM Australasia they launched a Lean & TPM improvement journey.

Initially they began with several cross-functional teams to build relationships between departments and improve performance before introducing Area Based Teams to engage all their shopfloor people in the bottleneck areas of the plant.

The teams have been using a suite of structured problem solving and reporting tools. This approach promotes all to be involved and allows people the opportunity of getting their thoughts across.

The Site Leadership Team have realised that the people doing the job were the greatest source of knowledge on where the opportunities for improvement lie and when following a proven methodology were the best people to find the solutions.

By setting standards and following structured processes the employees within these teams have been working together to bring out the best in each other.

The Cross-functional Teams have been solving technical issues including equipment improvements and improving flow, while the Area Based Teams have been removing the frustrations from their work environments by effectively working through Work Area Management (S1 and S2 of 5S).

Site Operations Manager Sam Saliba was so impressed with the participation and outcomes of the teams that he introduced annual awards to celebrate and acknowledge peoples efforts in B&D’s improvement journey.

“It was great to see the teams come together to fix problems, Sam said.

“The Lean & TPM journey is a great opportunity to challenge different people in leading a team. I was very surprised in the previously unidentified skills some of our team members displayed once given the licence to follow a structured improvement philosophy.”

CTPM will conduct a Lean & TPM Annual Forum at Citigate Central Hotel Sydney on July 26-27.

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