Baldor’s new plug-in technology a must for machine builders


Baldor has launched a new plug-in motion/machine control module for its Ethernet-compatible Powerlink drives.

The new controller module allows machine builders to eliminate the need for a separate
external network controller, along with all of the cabling and panel space that would normally be required.

As switching to real-time and deterministic Ethernet-compatible motion control is already
proving extremely popular for machinery builders, the additional cost savings offered by this new approach make adoption of the technology very attractive.

The new Mint Machine Module plugs into a hardware expansion slot in any of Baldor’s
MotiFlex range of Powerlink-compatible three-phase AC motor drives.

Two variations of the card are offered: a dual-axis version that will control the host Powerlink drive plus another external drive via a conventional analogue interface, or a high-speed version that will also act as a Powerlink network controller to manage a complete multi-axis control system.

Both options are compatible with Baldor’s powerful Mint motion language.

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