BAC Systems: Learning made easy

World-class learning centres around Australia have been fitted with quality equipment from BAC Systems.

Individual BAC workstations, tooltrolleys and spare parts drawer cabinets provide an
ideal setting for teaching in trade schools, TAFEs and other higher learning institutions.

High-density storage drawers keep tools, spares and instruments at the fingertips and
promote a user-friendly, contamination-free environment.

The BAC concept of modular workplace design allows drawers to be adaptable for any trade, with slotted sidewalls and perforated drawer floors being configurable to accommodate specialised tools.

The work surface of each BAC workstation is selected to suit each trade, the most versatile being BAC Arbophen, a resin-based timber material which provides a smooth,
perfectly even working surface with nearunmatched tensile strength for endurance.

Alternate work surfaces include heavyduty stainless steel with a timber core, which provides shock and noise absorption and is designed with a “wet edge” rim to contain

The stainless steel work surface is popular for laboratories, automotive and engineering
tradespeople working with liquids and potentially dangerous solvents.

The BAC design team provides an obligation-free 3D modelling service.

BAC Systems
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