AVL valves provide the perfect solution

Available in manual type (pictured) and a combined manual/electrical type, the AVL Compressed Air Shutoff and Soft Start Valve from SMC Pneumatics is the solution to your air isolation requirements.

When activated (mechanically by lockdown pushbutton) or electrically by deenergising the (optional) solenoid, the valve relieves the downstream compressed air.

On reactivation (reset) the air pressure is gradually applied (at an adjustable rate) so as to reduce the shocks normally associated with applying full pressure initially to a compressed air system.

The pushbutton when activated can be padlocked for LOTO requirements, and increased security.

The AVL can be installed in a standalone configuration or can be integrated into the

SMC modular FRL units.

It is available in Manual, Manual/24VDC and Manual /230VAC models with port sizes ranging from 3/8” up to 1” BSP.

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