Automatic & Manual Drawbars

KURT, represented in Australia by DoAll Australia, has released automatic and mechanical PowerLock drawbars that improve milling machine output by reducing tool change time.

Users insert the tool and push a button on the automatic model or push a lever on the mechanical model. Both models assure fast, uniform collet tightening without the need for hand tools and manual tightening. The drawbars prevent under tightening and tool slip or over tightening and drawbar breakage.

The drawbars have an operator-friendly design to reduce milling machine operator fatigue, increase safety while improving productivity, and eliminate operator stretching for tool setup. In addition to providing consistent torque on the drawbar rod, the drawbars eliminate drawbar tapping to free the tool in the collet.

Kurt PowerLock drawbars can be operated with existing tooling. They operate R-8, #30 and #40 taper toolholders. Additional special toolholders are not needed. They are easy to install on most milling machine models. They operate on shop air supply. A filter/lubricator, regulator and gauge are included with most models.