Automated Bi-parting Door

DMF International has released the Auto Biflex, an automated biparting door comprised of PVC strips that gently but rapidly open to either side. Unlike conventional strip doors and swing doors, there is therefore no impact of the PVC.

The new design is very affordable. The doors have an anodised aluminium head beam which incorporates the drive system. They have travelling brackets in galvanised steel or stainless steel. They have an opening speed of about 1.3m/s, with adjustable hold open time for automatic closing.

The PVC panels are 300mm wide and up to 10mm thick, with a 100mm overlap, providing easy pedestrian access while remaining closed. The full opening height is available as soon as the door starts to open. It can accommodate openings of 10m or more with further development and can be used in openings that have gantry beams passing through the opening. They can remain closed for pedestrian access, preserving of the operating environment.

There is no risk of injury during closing cycle and the door has position-damping control for accurate slow down of door movement. An inbuilt uninterrupted power supply allows it to keep working in the event of a power failure.