Australian manufacturers in world spotlight

By Ian Harrison

National Manufacturing Week (NMW) and Austech recently brought together manufacturers, distributors and buyers from Australia and around the world.

The annual event is a highlight in the Australian manufacturing industry calendar and an important place for businesses to meet, network and exchange ideas.

The trade show included exhibitors from all corners of the world, including some great, local manufacturers showcasing truly innovative, globally competitive products.

Many of these Australian manufacturers used their “Australianness” as a key selling point – and why wouldn’t they?

Interest in Australian products is high from both domestic and global buyers. Our products are known for their quality and our manufacturers known for their high standards. Domestically, it is certainly an opportune time to aggressively brand products as Australian and strengthen brand positioning.

History shows that businesses that continue or even intensify their marketing during times of recession are likely to get through financial downturns on top. The opportunities to secure market share and firmly establish brand recognition are obvious at times where competitors are pulling back.

Many local manufacturers made a splash at NMWeek/Austech.

Businesses such as TechniWaterjet, Champion Parts, Jubilee Springs, Mackay Consolidated Industries, Septone, Mumme Products and Sutton Tools made the most of opportunities to capture the attention of visitors to the show.

The Australian Made logo featured prominently on the large Sutton Tool stand and the company believes it gave them a noted competitive advantage.

‘Loyalty to our brand isvital to our business’

“Austech is important for Sutton Tools on so many levels – to increase our exposure, be
brand consistent, present “new products” and to show off our presence in the Australian and international markets,” says Kaylene Knight, marketing services manager for Sutton Tools.

“Loyalty to our brand is vital to our business. We have been manufacturing quality cutting tools in Australia since 1917 and the fact that we are manufacturing here is becoming a very important part of our message.

“Austech 09 allowed us to reinforce the message by using the Australia Made Logo
alongside our Sutton Tools Logo. Visitors/buyers were exposed to that strong connection through multiple advertising mediums: signage, banners, product packaging, point of sale displays and lapel badges.”

The strong promotion of the business as a local manufacturer and the use of the logo
gave positive responses from visitors.

“It was evident from the visitors’ reactions and comments over the week, that our use of
the Australian Made logo with our own Sutton Tools branding did communicate the Australian made message.

‘Many visitors commented on the fact that it was great to see a local manufacturer continue to produce quality products and many expressed their preference for buying Australian made products over others,” says Kaylene.

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*Ian Harrison is Chief Executive of the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign

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