Australian made metal detectors a global attraction

The late Mr E.J. (Ted) Appleby worked as a maintenance foreman in the Victorian quarry industry in the late 1960s.

His quarry management was confronted with problems related to metal contamination causing expensive damage and subsequent loss of production time to the plant crushing equipment being fed by belt conveyor systems.

From his background in the field of radar and associated electronics Ted designed and built the first prototype Detec industrial metal detector, which from the day installed provided valuable protection of the crusher equipment.

Following on from Ted’s success and in association with the TSS Company, the Detec metal detector range, now forms part of the TSS product range and have become widely known for their quality and reliability as an Australian Made product.

The detectors have been installed in thousands of mining, quarrying and other extractive industry applications worldwide.

Ongoing research and development by Detec has lead to new Detec design innovations being released later this year.

Detec is a proud member of the Australian Made, Australian Grown campaign.

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