Australian Growers survive thanks to Summit Matsu Chillers

Summit Matsu Chillers (Summit Matsu) has come to the aid of Australian growers by providing a chilling system that stabilizes the conditions under which produce grow under.

Given Australia’s unpredictable and variable climate, Summit Matsu chillers aid the growth process for Australian producers by giving them the ability to stabilize the temperature in order to meet the needs of producers, despite the climate conditions in Australia.

As a direct result of Australia’s variable climate, Australian growers are faced with the challenge of maintaining a constant temperature for their crops to grow under. However with such temperamental weather patterns, and high humidity, the existence of chilling systems makes it possible for a constant temperature to be maintained. It has become imperative that a chilling system is used in order for particular produce to survive as in their growth and processing stages otherwise the risk is run that they will be destroyed as they are vulnerable to unstable weather conditions.

Parilla Fresh, a grower of sprout products in Sydney and Melbourne markets had been facing this exact problem of striving to grow their sprouts in unrealistic weather conditions. Previous to Parilla Fresh’s encounter with Summit Matsu they would have to wash their sprouts every two hours with two and a half thousand litres of water in order to remove heat which otherwise would impair their development process. Production Manager Matthew Szenczy explained this further “We need to keep the water at a very specific constant temperature at all times or the shoots wouldn’t survive the night.”

In order to meet the demands of Parilla Fresh’s crops, Summit Matsu’s engineers undertook the challenging task of determining the exact temperature needed for the crops to survive. Summit Matsu found that a 12 kW, UMWC 7 – 12 chiller should be installed in order to maintain the correct temperature for Parilla Fresh’s sprouts to grow. The general manager at Summit Matsu, Daniel Rollston pointed out after their dealings with Parilla Fresh that Summit Matsu feeds on developing custom designed, energy efficient solutions for even the most challenging environments.

Summit Matsu chilling systems construct and deliver water chillers across the whole of Australia for air conditioning, industrial processes, food processing, petrochemical applications, scientific uses, and process cooling machinery for a wide range of uses.

Further more Summit Matsu employ and service a range of 2kw to 1200kw water chillers across Australia and the Middle East.

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