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Hare & Forbes boring machine gives Embrey a boost

Victorian based heavy engineering company, Embrey Attachments, recently needed to upgrade their equipment to remain a leader in their field.

The company manufacturers under licence to LaBounty in the US a wide range of hydraulic attachments such as grapples, shears, cutters and pulverizers for the demolition, scrap, recycling, timber and concrete crushing industries.

“We do very large work and we used to use a manual boring machine which was getting old and worn out,” says Darren Taylor, Engineering & Servicing Manager for Embrey Attachments.

“We had problems with accuracy and tolerances and keeping up with deadlines. Also, we hadn’t upgraded our horizontal boring equipment for over 20 years so the time was right. We needed to stay competitive.”

“Our business turnover has been growing steadily, about 10 percent each year and is part of the reason we invested in a new machine. The old machines couldn’t keep up with production and it was always a major sticking point in our workshop.”

The company considered a number of different brands and decided on the Hartford PBM 135A Horizontal Boring Machine.

The well-built Hartford machine offered good value for money and was able to handle their demanding workload.

As an added bonus, the Australian distributors Hare & Forbes were located in close proximity to Embrey should they need service staff.

“It was a major step for us to progress from old conventional machines to CNC and it was also important for Hare & Forbes as this machine is the first of its type brought into Australia  from Hartford,” says Taylor.

“The Hartford does all our machining which is mainly boring holes, machining blade seats and hydraulic cylinder components. We also use it for doing a lot of repair work for others.”

One of the main reasons for purchasing the new machine was Hartford’s big table and large capacity, explained Taylor. ‘Massive impact on production and surface finishes’

The table working surface is 1400 x 1600mm (optional 1600 x 1800mm) with axis travels of 2500 x 2000 x 1500mm and the maximum table load is 8 tons (optional 12 tons).

A wide range of tool storage options is another major feature.

A 40 tool magazine is standard and a 60 tool magazine is optional. The tool magazine is independently mounted to prevent affecting accuracy during operation.

“The new Hartford has had a massive impact on production and surface finishes,” says Taylor. “Better than we expected. We thought we’d cut our work time in half with this machine, but in some cases we do jobs in a fraction of the time.

“There is one component (a bracket) that we make on a regular basis which used to take two hours on the old machine. It now only takes 20 minutes. It’s a big time saver with better quality, better finishes and better accuracy.”

Taylor says the new machine will help grow Embrey’s business.

“The Hartford has got us away from manual and into CNC, he says. There are not a lot of big machines around and it will enable us to make certain attachments more competitively than before.

“When manufacturing rotating grapples it was a long and expensive process on the old
machine. The new machine can handle the more intricate machining a lot quicker.”

“We’ve only had the Hartford for about four months and we are still on a learning curve with it. It’s already made a big difference and there may well be other benefits down the track we don’t even know about yet.

“With the new machine we now have a new way of thinking. We will also be looking for some more outside work to keep the Hartford fully utilized week in and week out.”

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