Aussie Vacs Clean Up


A range of heavy duty industrial style wet/dry vacuum cleaners are making clean up chores for builders and contractors easy. Called the “Aussie Clean Air” series, the heavy duty vacs not only offer great features, but come with an unparalleled 5 year warranty!

“The heavyweight series starts with our 50 litre range, and goes right through to our big Drum vacs, capable of being used with 200 litre drums” said Aussie Pumps’ John Logan. “Their powerful suction and ability to handle not only building debris and dust, but also spills, makes them ideal for any building trade site clean up” he said.

Poly barrel models come in a wide range, from 10 litre lightweights through to the heavy duty 75 litre VS73 Series.  The VS72, the choice of major hire equipment companies, is also available in pump out configuration, with it’s own on board submersible pump for transferring liquid waste to another tank or reservoir when required.

“Fines” like Gyprock dust, cement, lime or limestone, and even fertilisers can be handed by Aussie’s unique Microweb 99.9% standard filter element.  The Microweb is unique filter media constructed from a polyester or homopolymer acrylic fibre. 

It has a microporous membrane applied to the collection surface, that enables even the finest dust to be collected.  This provides low pressure drop, reduced bonding, and better dust release. 

The improved collection efficiency means lots more dust is trapped in the filter.  The Microweb is easy to clean because of it’s superior caking properties, making it an absolute essential for any trades’ clean up chore.

All the vacs come with 3 metres of heavy duty crush proof hose, a multi purpose carpet and floor tool, and crevice tool with round brush.  An aluminium squeegee for wet applications is also supplied as standard to enable spills to be picked up with ease.

These top quality, 5 year warranted vacs are supplied with chromed steel wands for long, trouble free life.

“The best news for tradies, hire companies, or industrial users is that Aussie heavy duty vacs, definitely not made in third world South East Asian countries, cost less than some third world ‘copy cat’ style products” said Logan.

Further information on the complete range of Aussie industrial wet/dry vacs is available on the Australian Pump website ( and from Aussie Pump Distributors throughout Australia.