Aussie slashes jetter prices

Australian Pump Industries, a leading manufacturer of high pressure drain cleaning jetters, has slashed prices on its Cobra and King Cobra packages. The priced reduction is based on major cost savings generated by increased volume at the company’s 2.5acre manufacturing plant at Castle Hill, Sydney.

Aussie Pumps launched the Aussie Cobra 4000 psi high-pressure drain cleaning jetter in 1998.

“Increasing volumes means we can drive costs down through improved efficiencies,” said John Hales from Aussie Pumps.

“We use higher pressure and more horsepower to get drains cleaned faster,” he said.

“The development of the Aussie Root Mulcher turbo nozzle meant that these machines could also chop tree roots up, a revolution in clearing chokes.”

Australian Pump Industries now exports its jetters to New York, Los Angeles, and throughout Asia and the South Pacific.

Packages start with heavy duty Honda powered Cobra drain cleaners, complete with mini reel, nozzle box, and 20m of top quality super worm hose kits for less than $9000.

Australian Pump jetters are offered with a “3 + 3” warranty.

“At these prices, no serious plumber needs to be without a drain cleaning jetter,” Hales said.

Australian Pump Industries
Ph: 02 8865 3500