Aussie puts pressure on European cleaners

Australian Pump Industries, a leading manufacturer of heavy duty engine drive pressure cleaners, is taking on Europe’s biggest pressure cleaner manufacturers in the local market.

The innovative company has developed a range of high pressure industrial style electric pressure cleaners designed to substantially reduce maintenance and extend operating life.

“We started this project by throwing the rule book away and by asking customers what they wanted,” said Aussie Pump design engineer, Albert Mahoney.

“We interviewed customers who traditionally used high speed European machines,” he said.

Many of them had to update machines every couple of years.

So Aussie has developed a range of pressure cleaners that are bigger, stronger – and last longer.

“We found users wanted machines that were virtually bullet proof and easy to service,” said Mahoney.

The new machines, ranging from 1500-7000psi are slow speed, thus extending pump and motor life.

They feature super heavy duty switches with in-built protection.

Built-in rugged steel trolley frames make them extremely functional for factory or workshop use.

The heart of the system is a “Big Berty” Bertolini slow speed triplex pump that incorporates the world’s most modern piston pump design ideas.

Australian Pump Industries
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