Aussie Pump is Family Friendly

Bushfire fighting authorities are warning of extreme fire danger this season. Exceptional winter rain has resulted in record fuel levels in National Parks and both private and public bushland.  Home owners are taking pre-emptive action to protect family, homes and farm buildings. That includes investment in a fire pump capable of providing genuine protection in what promises to be one of the worst fire seasons in a decade.

Aussie Pumps Product Manager, Brad Farrugia, recommends simple steps to help with property and farm protection. “Clearing under-bush from round the house, clearing out gutters, installing steel gutter mesh and, most importantly, having a reliable self priming pump that won’t let you down when a fire hits. It can be the key to winning the protection battle,” he said.

Australian Pump Industries is Australia’s leading supplier of top quality high pressure fire pumps and holds major supply contracts for fire fighting authorities around Australia.

The flag ship of the product line is the Aussie Fire Chief, a lightweight high pressure pump built to strict ISO 9001 quality standards. The pump delivers a whopping 75m head (that’s 100 psi) and self primes from depths as low as 7.6 metres.

The heart of the design is a huge 7½” diameter heavy duty single piece impeller. That impeller delivers more water at high pressure, providing more fire fighting capability.  The pump also features a big belly body with larger water passages, allowing more water to be pumped at pressure.

Farrugia stressed that choosing the right pump is critical. “A unit without the inherent performance to be able to deliver the right flow of water at high pressure to protect the property was verging on useless,” Farrugia said.  “Many users buy a pump based on the horsepower of the engine without any understanding of the actual pump’s capability,” he said.

The Aussie Fire Chief primes fast and has the ability to draught water from creeks, streams or wells. “Having a pump that won’t prime in an emergency situation is not only useless, but exceptionally dangerous,” Farrugia said.

The Fire Chief has proved itself with the NSW fire brigade and the NSW rural fire service over a number of years. It’s also the choice of the National Parks and Wildlife service and is widely used throughout Europe, South East Asia and the Pacific.

The pump comes with a unique five year pump end warranty and is built without design or engineering compromise. Part of the secret of the Fire Chief’s outstanding performance is it’s big 2” suction port. This is a bolt on flanged port that enables easy access to the check valve for servicing and allows more water into the pump. A flanged three way head, allowing the operator to use either 1 ½” hose or two 1” hoses, is standard equipment and the pump comes on a pair of steel skids with anti-vibration mounts.

The Fire Chief can be powered by either a petrol or diesel engine. The standard petrol engine is a 5.5HP genuine Japanese built Honda engine with low oil protection. Other Honda engines are also available in up to 13HP, providing extra performance and enhanced engine longevity.

Australian Pump has standardised on either Yanmar or Kubota diesel engine drives, choosing only top quality Japanese built engines for it’s products.

“Families can rely on the Fire Chief to provide the absolute best in performance and protection,” said Farrugia. “Even the standard single impeller version will out perform virtually any other similar pump including many twin impeller units,” he said.

Australian Pump takes fire protection seriously and their website has number of aids to help families protect home and property. These include a Bushfire Protection Guide, a movie showing fire fighting pumps in action, and a technical pump selection guide to help consumers make the right choice.

Further information is available from Australian Pump Industries and Aussie Pump Gold Distributors throughout Australia and the South Pacific, or