Aussie Jetter Goes "Big Block"


A new version of the Aussie King Cobra 5,000 psi draining cleaning jetter is now available powered by a “BIG BLOCK” industrial engine.  It uses a Briggs and Stratton 31 HP Vanguard twin cylinder “Big Block” engine with a whopping 895 c.c. (54 cubic inch) engine capacity.

The increased power of this jetter gives it lots of advantages over those with conventional smaller capacity engines. These include lower oil and fuel consumption and lower operating noise levels as well as up to 33% more power at lower rpm.

“We tested several different engines for this class of machine, but found the Vanguard “Big Block” to have more torque, and more lugging power than others” said Aussie Pumps’ Ross Stewart.  “The “Big Block” design provides 35% more cubic capacity than other equivalent horsepower engines, so it doesn’t even break into a sweat,” he said.

Using the Big Block engine means the heavy duty Aussie King Cobra achieves full power at lower rpm, adding substantially to engine longevity. The lower rpm means less fuel is consumed and the engine requires less frequent maintenance, giving real cost savings to the user.

The engine also comes with a Donaclone Cyclopac air cleaner, a big advantage in Australia’s hot, dusty operating conditions.  The powerful five stage air cleaner provides maximum engine protection even in dirty and dusty conditions.

“Noise levels are lower too, and the harmonics of the engine work better with our style of machine” said Stewart.

The Aussie King Cobra 5,000 psi industrial jetter is a purpose built machine designed for cleaning drains up to 9 inches in diameter.  It uses a “Big Berty” Bertolini HD Series triplex pump, claimed to be the heaviest duty pump of it’s kind in this pressure bracket. 

The pump weighs in at 21kgs, and is a heavy duty triplex design.  It features brass head with bolt down style valve caps, and is built for sustained performance in the toughest industrial cleaning tasks.

The Aussie King Cobra comes in a heavy duty galvanised frame and is equipped with 60 metres of sewer cleaning hose on a heavy duty steel hose reel.

The kit includes a full drain cleaning nozzle box with a selection of nozzles for cleaning a range of chokes and blockages. The nozzle box includes the Aussie Root Mulcher, a vibrating turbo-style drain cleaning nozzle that even chops its way through tree roots and other tough obstacles.

The big Aussie King Cobra really comes into it’s own with the Vanguard Big Block power, making it ideal for jettering drains in factories and industrial units. Online demonstrations of the Aussie Jetter concept are available to view at

Further information is available from Australian Pump Industries and Aussie Pump Gold Distributors throughout Australia and the South Pacific, or at