Aussie Graffiti Buster is super green


Australian Pump’s graffiti busting Aussie Hydro-Loop system has set a new standard for “clean and capture” style pressure cleaning.

The Hydro-Loop consists of a petrol or diesel engine driven steam cleaner, available with pressures up to 5000psi, that cleans and recaptures it’s own water, filtering it for reuse.

This means operators can comply with EPA regulations by leaving jobs clean and dry, with minimum pollution, and maximum effective use of available water resources.

Using the clean and capture system means the operator can continue to use the same
water, recycling it through the on board vacuum and filtration system.

That facility results in a huge gain in productivity and savings in water, time, energy.

The machine is designed with a view to being used by professional high pressure cleaning contractors wishing to comply with the latest environmental protection regulations.

The Hydro-Loop provides those operators with a cost effective system at a fraction of the price of conventional methods of recovering cleaning water after use.

“The Hydro-Loop is loaded with features, and represents the most versatile piece of plant of it’s kind in the world,” says Aussie Pumps’ spokesperson Bruce Hulm.

“The result of years of extensive R&D, it really does provide the ultimate versatility and
effectiveness,” he says.

“The Hydro-Loop will remove oil stains, food stains, grease marks, graffiti, and even chewing gum.

“It’s that lethal combination of high pressure and 130ºC temperature that gets the job done.”

The base unit Hydro-Loop is mounted on a big four-wheel trailer fitted with a 4000psi
engine drive steam cleaner. The benefit of its engine drive is that the machine can operate away from mains power. That independence makes it ideal for cleaning public facilities, sports arenas, parks or other public venues.

For a free demonstration of the Hydro-Loop visit:

Australian Pump Industries
Ph: 02 9894 4144