Aussie extends 5-year warranty

Self-priming centrifugal pump specialist Australian Pump Industries has extended its
unique 5-year warranty coverage to include the range of Aussie Poly Pumps.

The Poly Pump range, 2” and 3” pumps manufactured from high tech polyester materials, are used in a wide range of aggressive liquid transfer applications in industrial, agricultural and marine market sectors.

“When we saw copy-type overseas products coming out on the market, we realised that
the best way to differentiate copycat style products to the original, was by extending our
warranty,” said Aussie Pumps executive Dean Fountain.

The Aussie Poly Pump range is widely used in the transfer of aggressive liquid fertilisers, digestive aids for farm animals, and in the transfer of pesticides and herbicides in agricultural markets. In industrial chemical transfer, the pumps are used to handle acids, solvents, oil based products and even for the transfer of potable water, brine and condiments.

The versatile Aussie Poly pump is also used in a wide range of marine applications.

Because of their hygienic design quality, they are ideal for live fish water circulation,
and for general aquaculture duties.

The Aussie Seamaster is based on the 2” and 3” Aussie Poly Pump. The Seamaster is a
lightweight diesel drive portable pump used in marine applications for both fire fighting and salvage duties.

The Aussie Poly pumps are available in close coupled single or three phase electric drive, hydraulic drive for mobile applications, and in their most popular form, Honda petrol engine or Yanmar diesel engine driven versions.

Australian Pump Industries
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