Ausplas 2011 breaks new ground

Ausplas, Australia’s national trade show for the plastics processing industry, will break with tradition this year. Ausplas has been held in October every three years since 1987, but this year moves into a May time frame to line up with the Austech and National Manufacturing Week events.

The three trade exhibitions will occupy the entire 30,000sqm of space at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, presenting what will be Australia’s largest ever dedicated manufacturing industry trade exhibition.

Equipment in Operation
A feature of Ausplas has always been the display of plastics processing equipment, in operation under factory conditions. For 2011 the range of processing and ancillary equipment, robotics and automation will be double the number and variety shown in 2008. The number of injection moulding machines alone will be the largest showing since 2002.

This year the emphasis is on energy efficiency with energy now being a primary cost and innovations such as in mould labelling, which will be shown by several exhibitors representing European and Asian suppliers.

There will also be many large exhibits of other forms of plastics processing such as extrusion and blow moulding and thermo forming.

Ancillary Equipment and Materials
The range and variety of ancillary equipment has also expanded for 2011 and covers the whole range: Blenders, chillers, materials handling systems, silos, granulators, screws, barrels, mixers, controls and monitoring, testing and measuring, labelling and printing, Automation and robotics.

There will also be a wide showing of new materials ranging from pigments and master
batches through to specialty additives and colorants and the new exotics in space age
materials and composites.

The all-important sector of plastics recycling will again feature heavily bringing the latest advances in sorting, separation, washing, re-granulation and re-use of consumer and
industrial waste.

2011 brings a large increase in the number of exhibits featuring the supply of equipment and know how for the use of plastics in the fabrication sector. These include plastics sheet, rod -shapes and profiles for precision engineering, semi finished plastics products, 3D ink jet prototyping, ultrasonic welding and hot air tools and butt welding for sheet and pipe and related new technologies for build and repair.

General information
Ausplas will be held in Bays 19 and 20 alongside Austech. There will be no dividing walls with the visitor ID badge for either exhibition allowing admission to all three shows.

Visiting hours will also be common for all three events.

Visitors can organise their FREE trade ID in advance online by visiting

Sneak preview of what’s on show
Ausplas will feature the latest plastics processing equipment in operation under factory conditions.

Exhibitors include:

Haitian Direct
Will exhibit four C injection moulding machines including the popular servo motor model.

Also on display will be a Haitian fully electric packaging version with a GH Automation side entry in-mould labelling system. Plus ancillary equipment from Shini Plastics Group and extrusion and welding equipment from Fangli/Graewe.

Tasman Machinery
Will exhibit “the world’s best selling all electric injection moulding machine” from Sumitomo Japan. The SE 350 HSZ is a high speed all electric machine with the most energy efficient drive system available today. It will be shown operating with a 3 axis servo driven takeout robot supplied by Yushin, Japan’s largest manufacturer of takeout robots. Tasman will also show Dimension 3D printers which print prototypes from ABS plastic, allowing customers to dramatically reduce ‘time to market’ for new products.

Is exhibiting the latest in thermo forming equipment. Featuring the Thermwood Model 90 5 axis CNC router in operation, trimming vacuum formed parts. Also the Australian made Flecknoe Thermoforming/Vacuum forming machine with programmable platens for ease of operation and quick set up. More than 50 Flecknoe machines are in use in Australia for the production of caravan and bus panels, paving moulds, displays and signage and industrial applications.

Telford Smith Engineering
TSE has sold over 20 Zerma shredders in the last 18 months used for consumer waste, in-house scrap, pipe shredding, foam and bedding, film, timber and car tyres. They will display a Zerma Model ZSS 1500 heavy duty shredder, Zerma granulators, Gala under water pelletising systems and Shini ancillary equipment.

TSE has established a wholly owned manufacturing facility in China where it produces extruders for the world market. Orders for their extruders have kept their production near capacity for the last 18 months. These include two for the Middle East, one to Malaysia, three to a Victorian client and a complete turn key profile coating line. Other large projects are in progress.

Becker Pumps
Are the distributor for Gebr.Becker GmbH Germany whose oil free pumps are used in facets of plastics processing, for example in vacuum forming where a deeper vacuum is
required. Becker will display a Flecknoe HS-43 single station thermo former controlled by their oil free vacuum pump. Pumps and compressors for all types of moulding processes and materials handling applications.

Fusion Hire Services (FHS)

FHS are agents for Munsch extrusion welders, Forsthoff Hot Air Welders, OMISA butt welders and Ritmo butt welding equipment.

FHS Poly Pipe Engineering is the largest customer fabrication workshop in Eastern Australia and stocks a huge range of pipe and fittings. They also produces fabricated bends, elbows, tees junctions and crosses and have a comprehensive range of plastics welding equipment for hire.

Ausplas seminars
The Society of Plastics Engineers AN-Z has confirmed Dr Robin Kent will be the Keynote Speaker for their technical day seminars at Ausplas 2011.

Energy Management in Plastics Processing will be the major topic for a round table masterclass during which Dr Kent will challenge long held manufacturing, engineering and financial beliefs on how, where and why energy is used in plastics converting operations.

This practical, hands on morning session will have positive and direct outcomes for all participants.

Attendees can immediately identify and apply the cost saving opportunities within their own businesses.

Participants will be given pre-attendance work to encourage active involvement and provide them with immediate and achievable deliverables.

The afternoon sessions are designed to provide value for a wider manufacturing, business and service audience.

This session will feature Dr Kent’s presentation There Is No Conflict – Sustainability – How to Make Money and Still Be Green, where accepted concepts and givens will be further challenged.

More information on Dr Kent can be found at:

For more details contact:

Where & When?
Ausplas 2011 will be held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from May 24-27.

For further details and to organise your FREE trade ID entry badge visit: or ph: 03 9699 4699.