Ausa Fullgrip leads the way

Ausa compact all terrain forklifts have always been at the cutting edge of design and product improvements – the latest being the Fullgrip 4WD system.

Fullgrip allows selectable 4WD when you need it by the push of a button.

The system engages by pushing a button on the joystick and the drive remains connected until the button is released.

In almost all terrain situations this is all that would be required to cross a boggy section or to pull out of a hole.

The Fullgrip system, available from materials handling specialists Lencrow Group, offers both improved performance as well as substantial savings in operation.

Using a machine in constant four-wheel drive will reduce the rear tyre life by 50 per cent and this wear is increased if the unit is working on a hard surface like cement. You have further savings in fuel and maintenance costs.

This drive system is available in the 2500kg-5000kg masted range of forklifts.

The units in this range are all hydrostatic for maximum traction in all operating conditions. This coupled with Kubota engines make these units highly reliable and economical to operate.

Contact Lencrow for more information on the Ausa Fullgrip System or other Ausa products.

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