ASP Microcomputers signs partnership

One of Australia’s leading business technology companies, ASP Microcomputers, has been appointed Australian partner for Casio Japan’s range of ‘Mobile Business Solution’ products including mobile barcode terminals and industrial PDAs.

“We are very excited by the alliance with such an excellent partner and are looking forward to forging strong relationships with Casio Japan,” ASP Director Robert Kogoi said.

“The appointment is a recognition that ASP are Australian leaders in providing business technology solutions. We intend to deliver that same level of professionalism and innovation to both the Casio brand and the respected range of Mobile Business Solution products in Australia,” he said.

“Our dynamic reputation for providing business solutions has been developed over the past 30 years working with literally thousands of Australian businesses, Government departments and educational institutions.”

ASP’s custom application development has included:

• the Flow Control System for the Australian Bureau of Statistics census 2006

• a national barcode system used by Telstra Payphones to track coin collections from payphones

• a Melbourne City Council system to track parking meter coin collection throughout the city

• WiFi seed tracking systems for both Boomaroo and Ball Australia (Australia’s largest wholesale nurseries).

Hiroshi Inami, Manager, Overseas Marketing and Sales Division, Casio Japan: “We were looking for a company who had broad experience and knowledge in the integration of solutions using mobile products.

“Casio is very successful in many overseas countries where there is a partner who understands the ins and outs of the products and it is time for Australian businesses to gain the benefits which the Casio products can offer,” he said.

About Casio

Since being founded in 1957, Casio has earned a reputation as one of the leading global brands, offering quality, reliable and innovative products.

The new DT-X7 has pushed the boundaries of innovation through its ‘Human Centered Design’ for interactive systems, based on the internationally recognised ISO 13407 standard.

The DT-X7 features a rounded and dimpled form that fits naturally in anyone's palm and allows the fingers to rest firmly in the groove on the back of the case. The dimpled texture on both sides improves the grip, and the device's centre of gravity is positioned under the centre trigger key.

The keypad has been designed so that the most commonly used keys are all within easy reach of the user's thumb.

The coloured buttons can be programmed to enable easy and efficient navigation within applications. These design considerations deliver a perfectly balanced feel to the device in the hand and an outstanding user experience.