Armatec Glass Lifting Systems

Millsom Materials Handling & Hoists - Through a relationship with Armatec of Germany, we are proud to offer the Easylift Glass Lifting system.
The Armatec EasyLift is a glass manipulator for quick and safe transport of glass panes.

The EasyLift can be manipulated manually in a double bridged track system or a slewing jib crane with double girder, and can be turned endlessly on its vertical axis.

Types to choose:

ED - Pneumatic Lifting with Turning function
EK - Pneumatic Lifting with Tilting function
EN - Pneumatic Lifting with Inclining function
EDN - Pneumatic Lifting with Turning and Inclining functions
EDK - Pneumatic Lifting with Turning and Tilting functions
Features of Armatec Glass Lifting Systems Include:

Safe and easy operation by rigid hoisting tube
Exact and careful positioning by steplessly adjustable hoisting speed
All driven functions with dead man's control ensuring safe operation. Stops at any position
Lifting capacities of 150kg, 250kg, and 350kg.
Standard height of stroke 1200mm. Other strokes available on request
Vacuum Generation by means of:
- Venturi nozzles with self-holding system (standard)
- Venturi nozzles with self-holding and economy system
Ergonomically arranged control elements
Easily adjustable suction frame with extendable arms, so the suction frame is variable in size
Mainly aluminium construction makes for low self weight
Minimum maintenance requirement

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