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New machine safety laws fast approaching

By Paul Rawlings
Consultancy Services & Training Manager – Pilz Australia

The deadline for the upcoming harmonisation of OH&S legislation in Australia is rapidly approaching.

From January 1 next year it is important for anyone involved in machinery safety to be fully up to speed with and totally aware of their obligations to avoid being adversely affected by the new national legislation.

All stakeholders involved in designing and implementing machinery safety must
fully understand their obligations as outlined in the new Work Health & Safety Act, current draft Regulations and draft Codes of Practice. Failing to do so could have serious repercussions.

It is intended that a single Work, Health & Safety Act will assist stakeholders throughout all states to comply uniformly with this national legislation.

The new harmonised legislation presents untested changes to current state and territory laws. The Work Health & Safety Act introduces legislation which, in some jurisdictions, broadens the current scope of responsibility for workplace safety. Stakeholders must be aware of these changes.

For example, if a person was to be injured by a failure in machine guarding, all persons involved in any decision involving the guarding, no matter how small could be subjected to legal action and It will be up to the courts to decide who is ultimately responsible.

That is why it is now imperative that all stakeholders involved in the design, implementation and operation of machinery acquaint themselves with the new Act and relevant Regulations so that they may understand where their duty lies and how much responsibility they bear at the workplace. This responsibility could depend on their position in the company and their influence on their decisions over the situation. Depending on the level of influence a stakeholder has, it may be necessary to prove that “reasonably practicable” solutions were exercised, show that due diligence was carried out or demonstrate that reasonable care was undertaken in all aspects of the decision making process.

Pilz Australia through its training arm, machineSAFE offers a comprehensive range of machinery safety training and product training courses on all important topics relevant to machinery safety and the upcoming harmonization of OH&S legislation. Based on decades of experience in research and development of machinery safety products and the delivery of services for machine safety, our training courses provide an outstanding high level of benefit to our customers.

Assurance of training quality comes through accreditation from third parties. MachineSAFE trainers focus on delivering high quality, professional and up-to date
training material with a strong practical, hands-on approach and you can count on our experts in machinery safety to train your staff in the requirements of relevant directives, regulations and standards to be considered in the specification, design implementation and validation of safety systems, and the products you use.

MachineSAFE courses are ideal for machinery importers, electricians, OH&S professionals, and production managers who need to gain an understanding of the standards and new harmonised work health and safety laws, which will be introduced in 2012.

These courses will help you gain comprehensive knowledge about Risk Analysis, development of Safety Concepts as well as the methods of correct and safe implementation of Machinery and Plant.

One day introduction courses and two day advanced training courses, focusing on machine safety standards are now available in order to educate stakeholders in this vital endeavour. Are you up to speed?

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