Apex launches new ultra compact geared pulley drive

Apex Dynamics has released the Ultra Compact Integrated Geared Pulley Drive AL Series.

The AL minimises mounting space and eliminates the need for couplings and support bearings.

This in turn reduces cost, parts count and engineering time, leading to lighter and cheaper machinery.

The AL series uses a fixed planet design enabling the output housing of the gearbox to drive the pulley directly.

This new technology and design allows the pulley to be centred between two high capacity bearings increasing stiffness and radial load capacities to over two times, compared to conventional shaft drive systems.

The True Helical gear design increases tooth-to-tooth contact ratio by over 33 per cent of standard spur gearing geometry.

The Helix angle is optimized and produces smooth and quiet operation at extreme speeds achieving 1 arc-min backlash, less then 56dB noise level, and up to 10,000rpm input.

The product is offered in seven sizes (70mm-280mm), and 21 exact ratios 2:1 through to 90:1. AMR Series.

Apex Dynamics Australia
Ph: 03 9585 2739