The AP650 and AP840 Rolla Air Reels

Automotive workshops, service stations, farmers, joinery shops, production plants, the home handyman all use them…… price competitive air and water reels. And we’re pleased to be saying that we have them, in fact, Rolla Reels are the latest addition to our already extensive product range. The AP650 and AP840 Rolla Air Reels feature automatic and positive latching mechanisms that lock the hose at the desired length and can be used with tyre gauges, die grinders, impact wrenches, air drills, reciprocating saws or air ratchets. The WP855 Rolla water reel supplied with two way roller guides and a 1 metre lead in hose can be used to fill up radiators clean off forecourts or just to water the backyard. With quality products, you’ll be right with Alemite.