Ansell launches new hand protection program

Ansell has launched a unique management tool dubbed Guardian designed to help companies improve safety and increase productivity.

Based on an in-depth analysis of a company’s workstations, production units and processes, the Guardian solution’s methodology reveals opportunities for improvement and recommends the most appropriate gloves to protect each unit.

Utilising Ansell’s extensive global experience, the Guardian solution assesses each unit’s particular needs and then compares these to the existing safety solutions, ultimately selecting the best glove for each job. The Guardian solution perfectly illustrates Ansell’s continuous quest to provide its customers with added value.

Guardian offers a repeatable methodology for maximising return on a company’s personal protective equipment investment. In a systematic and quantifiable way, Guardian covers all of the areas industrial plant managers are dealing with today – areas centred on safety, productivity and profitability.

Guardian focuses on seven key areas that have the capacity to deliver real productivity gains, injury reduction and cost of ownership improvements.

The injury prevention module highlights the potential to reduce risk and the cost of employee injuries; the training module employs strategies to educate employees in proper selection, usage and disposal of PPE products and the cost performance module maximises product performance.

There are also SKU management and standardisation modules that minimise the number of SKUs used as well as ensuring optimal product selection across similar job applications and multiple site locations. Other modules address controls such as optimisation of PPE dispensing, usage and disposal procedures and productivity, improving output and eliminating waste.

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