Ansell introduces flame and cut resistant glove

Ansell has launched what it says is the first glove to combine high levels of flame resistance, cut protection and comfort in one product.

The PowerFlex 80-813 glove is constructed using inherently flame-resistant composite
materials designed to provide the highest level of flame resistance as measured by the relevant European EN 407 standards.

According to Ansell, the flame-resistant proprietary foam coating provides enhanced grip in dry, wet and oil applications, resulting in reduced worker fatigue and improved work
productivity. Its innovative liner design is claimed to offer superior cut resistance (European EN level 5, the highest rating) making this glove a true multi-dimensional solution for reducing hand-related injuries.

Ansell’s Sales and Marketing Director Jérôme Feuvrier says the PowerFlex 80-813 provides exceptional protection for workers.

“The exclusive composite yarn has a core glass fibre that provides the high level of cut
protection while at the same time dissipating electrostatic charges,” he says.

“All components of the glove are inherently flame resistant, not chemically applied –
therefore maintain their protective properties throughout the life of the product.”

Ansell says it has developed the glove based on its research into unmet customer needs. The glove combines flame resistance, cut resistance and enhanced grip performance in an ergonomically-friendly and comfortable glove design.

“Testing of the glove was conducted in one of the world’s most demanding work
environments – the oil sands operations in Canada, says Feuvrier.

“With many different types of tasks and application demands, the oil sands were the
perfect place to test the limits of this new glove.

“Over 200 workers have successfully tested the PowerFlex 80-813 glove in 12 different
applications including construction, electrical work, heavy maintenance and repair, oil
refining and pipe fitting. Top rated features of the new glove included fit, feel and grip.”

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