Another flaming good Gorman-Rupp pump

Leading pump supplier Hydro Innovations now offers the latest Gorman-Rupp Shield-A-Spark 80 series engine driven pumps.

These pumps are perfect for transferring and delivering flammable liquids.

Built specifically to handle flammable liquids, the Shield-A-Spark series is available with both diesel and petrol engines, and features a number of safety devices to give users peace of mind.

Both engine units are highly dependable.

The petrol version is fitted with military grade spark plugs, which are radio suppressed to prevent sparks from jumping.

The ignition wire is shielded and provides an enclosed path for high tension sparks. The unit also has a sealed toggle ignition switch which remains spark free and delivers greater safety.

The specially-designed spark-arresting muffler retards both sparks and flames, while the air filter is non-combustible.

Rugged and robust, the Shield-A-Spark pumps are designed for maximum efficiency. They feature a straight-in suction process that guarantees positive self-priming and allows operation at higher levels than most other self-priming centrifugal pumps.

Liquid enters directly into the impeller eye and a suction check valve prevents in-line return flow when the pump is shut off.

The pump is capable of delivering up to 1500L per minute and heads up to 45m.

Built using lightweight aluminum and cast-iron, the Shield-A-Spark pumps are compact and portable. With the largest unit in the range (3”) weighing just 75kg and only 78cm x 62cm they are easy to transport.

They can be used across numerous industrial applications and are particularly ideal in hazardous and remote environments where electrical power is not available.

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