Another cutting edge solution from BOC

Leading gases and engineering company BOC has redefined the delivery of “cutting edge” solutions to Australian manufacturing, with the roll out of its new Mini Bulk Supply.

Being enthusiastically embraced by the laser cutting sector, the Australia-first technology has been tailored for specialty gas customers who use between 100 and 400 cubic metres of gas per week and are looking save on costs and space.

Currently the Mini Bulk Supply and service system is available for liquid laser nitrogen and liquid oxygen for industrial applications including laser cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum, process purging and oxy fuel cutting.

BOC’s Market Manager for Advanced Gas Applications, Deian Jones says the new Mini Bulk improved upon the original system of multiple linked cylinders or “manifold packs”, delivering significant economic, production and space-saving advantages.

The system also reduces the risk of handling injuries associated with manually changing over cylinder packs.

“To date, the response has been very positive across our initial roll out along the east coast metropolitan areas and we aim to expand our range to other cities in the near future,’’ Mr Jones says.

“Mini Bulk Supply makes it easier to manage variable demand and offers significant productivity savings, cost-effective supply, consistent high purity liquid, low filling losses, modest installation costs and increased gas storage in a compact cryogenic liquid vessel.’’

Once the compact high pressure vessel is installed on site for modest set-up costs, the gases are delivered by BOC in small, rigid road tankers designed for easy site access.

BOC has a range of flexible delivery options and can even monitor a business’s gas levels remotely and schedule top ups when required.

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