Another ‘Cool Tool’ from Duff and MacIntosh

Engineering company Duff and MacIntosh distributes a range of technical teaching equipment specifically designed for use in higher education and VET.

The company is now offering clients the new Unimat CNC mill and lathes as part of its Cool Tool range.

The Unimat CNC mill and lathes are equipped with 2A stepper motors.

Typical characteristics are:

  • Cross Slide: travel 32mm (extendable)
  • Longitudinal Slide: travel 145mm (extendable)
  • Accuracy: max. 0.08mm
  • CNC lathe with thread cutting function
  • CNC-Lathe - up to 6 axes

The machines are controlled via the free software EMC2 included in the CoolCNC bundle.

The CAD application can be converted into machine code in a CAM application. EMC2 offers a graphical interface as well as sufficient insight into the G-code allowing students to gain the knowledge of automated production facilities, such as planning and processing of selected components.

The emphasis on automation of production processes as well as on CAD-CAM also provide and introduction to quality management.

Duff and MacIntosh
Ph: 02 9482 1411