And the winner is… BAT Logic

Formero’s manufacturing solutions has helped Australian sports engineering company BAT Logic enjoy medal winning success.

Formero provided prototyping, tooling production, injection moulding, packaging, distribution and project management for the Bioseries range of products.

Sports engineering is an industry built on stringent standards of product quality and performance.

BAT Logic had recently developed the Bioseries range of products designed to optimise the foot position for rowers, increasing leg drive, reducing injury and providing greater
efficiency of energy use.

Time to market without compromising on quality was a critical factor for BAT Logic when
they chose to work with Formero in late 2009.

In just a few months, Formero’s accelerated product to market capabilities enabled BAT Logic to present their Bioseries products in international competitions within months, and bring home over 35 medals in world cup events.

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