Ames rolls out new inspection service


Technical roller manufacturer, Ames Direct is offering an obligation-free site inspection service during October and November.

The service is designed to assist production managers and line operators who require changes or modifications to roller design on their production lines.

Where a new design of product or process requires modifications to rollers and other plastic or rubber wear parts, Ames can offer fast and efficient turnaround times ensuring downtime or “slowtime” is kept to a minimum. With time an ever-important consideration for production managers, Ames is in an ideal position to assist as it manufactures all components in Australia.

The company specialises in moulded rubber, polyurethane and silicone components, as well as engineered plastics.

Custom products range from small items such as gripping pads and cleats, to specifically designed patterned rollers, to supply of any shape engineered plastic designed for a particular use.

The company offers a service from concept to completion, or one section only depending on customer requirements.

Ames Direct
Ph: 1800 76 11 30