Aluminium High Speed Folding Door

Due to their association with the highly recognised German company, Efaflex GmbH, DMF International can now offer, as part of their extensive range, the AS Aluminium High Speed Folding door.

With the ability to accommodate openings up to 6m high an 8m wide, and exposed to high wind, this door can suit a large variety of applications. It is primarily designed for exterior openings, and offers good heat and noise insulation, and save energy due to a rapid action of up to 2m/sec. An advantage over the roll door, is that the door panels may be profiled around gantry cranes passing through the opening.

These doors can operate electrically or pneumatically, and can be activated by various forms including pushbuttons, remote control, induction loops, or motion sensors to name a few.

A closed circuit electric contact strip will prevent the door closing onto an object within the opening, and this can be further improved by motion radars if required.

The quiet and compact, low maintenance construction, guarantees a long service life for this high speed roll door, designed for over 150,000 cycles per year.

Efaflex are a German manufacturer, leading the way globally with their design and technology of high speed roll doors. DMF are an appointed agent, and can provide service throughout Australia. Contact us on ph 02 96365466 or visit our web at product quality and selection.