Alpha warehouse solutions on updating warehouse

Alpha warehouse solutions can help you to update your warehouse and make your workplace as safe as possible and in conformance to all Australian standards.

One popular way to update your existing pallet racking and storage areas is achieved by replacing all old shelving boards, and instead using heavy duty wire mesh decks.

The use of mesh decks will reduce the amount of dust accumulated within your warehouse making it easier to keep stock protected and warehouse staff safe from breathing in of any harmful dust mites.

A bonus of changing to wire mesh decks is an easier to maintain workplace, and reduced risk of fire damage.

Moisture prone areas of your warehouse should also be using mesh decks as moisture can affect the usage of boards, and even damage your pallets and stored items in the pallet racking.

Replacing boards with mesh decks can offer many long term benefits to your warehouse and work safe environment and reduce the cost of damaged goods in your storage areas.

Alpha Racking is able to complete a site survey and a safety audit to update all of the existing features of your working warehouse and offer ideas and service for any needed repairs and help you keep your warehouse up to date with the new technology and safety features.