Alpha Warehouse Solutions incorporates Lateral Logistics waresafe program into its client services

Alpha Racking's Alpha Warehouse Solutions has released that it has recently been incorporating the Lateral Logistics waresafe program into its client services. Alpha Warehouse Solutions’ clients have recently contacted its offices to complete Industrial safety audits for their Industrial storage systems.

Alpha chooses to use only independents to complete its safety auditing services, who do not have any particular affiliations to Alpha. This helps to maintain complete integrity of all reports, and will help to ensure that companies warehouse sites are compliant with the requirements that are defined within the Australian standards.

The main goal is to complete site surveys and do a careful review of all pallet racking components, type, and configuration, and referring to manufacturer's design documentation and load charts for the accurate calculations of safe working loads.

Points covered include:

  • Equipment type, capacity, and condition
  • Identifying all damage and providing detailed list of any needed repair work
  • Nominating areas, where compliance is an issue and the corrective action to be issued
  • Estimates for repairs and replacements
  • Certification of sites once compliance is attained
  • Documentation will be issued for each site and cover all aspects of relevant standards and requirements of local regulators
  • All Load and capacity calculations in accordance with A.S. 4084

Upon completion of the audits, Alpha Warehouse Solutions’ clients were happy with the results, including a full report issued that provided all details in relation to the inspection and the corrective actions to be implemented to meet all requirements for compliance. The document issued included an inspection history log, equipment and configuration description, damage records, corrective actions and a certificate of compliance.