Alpha Warehouse Solutions implements Waresafe inspection program

Waresafe inspection program is designed to assist companies in ensuring that the industrial storage equipment used at their sites is compliant with the requirements defined in the relevant Australian Standard and that of the local regulators.

A complete analysis of the premises will be preformed and assessment of the type and configuration of pallet racking used is established. Accurate calculations are based on manufacturer's design documentation and load charts.

The capacity of the system is governed by the grade of column, the bracing pattern employed, the base plate configuration, the rail profile and the levels to which the rails are set.

The Waresafe program extends beyond simply rating the racking. A full service includes a safety inspection of the pallet racking at each site and the reporting of any injuries, as well as checking all requirements of Standard load charts and specific requirements to be adhered to.

This yearly service can save warehouse staff from costly injuries, and even death. OH&S Safety requirements and worksafe understand that more needs to be done to protect end users of pallet racking from unsafe pallet racking that does not conform to Australian Standards.

The implementation of a safety audit will ensure that all businesses are in compliance with the requirements and will have the pallet racking repaired if needed and serviced to Australian Standards.

By 2008, the Australian Government may be implementing the FEM Standards as the guidelines for compliance; which is the Standards in Europe and other parts of the world.

Alpha Warehouse Solutions has spent a significant amount of research and development of its pallet racking and components to achieve the FEM Standards for its pallet racking, along with the department of Engineering from the Monash University and will be able to offer products that will set the Alpha pallet racking apart from any other importers of pallet rack.

It is one way Alpha Racking shows commitment to the public that safety is paramount and it intends to continue to provide safe options and innovative solutions for budget conscious buyers.