Alpha warehouse solutions helps achieve cleaner and safer workspace

Alpha Warehouse Solutions is helping clients to achieve cleaner, safer, and more cost efficient workspace areas and improve their existing warehouses.

Every year all warehouse workplaces should update their existing storage areas and plan ahead for the new financial year.

Alpha warehouse Solutions knows that most businesses outgrow their existing warehouse about every 5 years and therefore small businesses should plan carefully how best to achieve their return on investments.

Many small businesses are unaware how much real space is available for stored items and that by planning the layout and changing warehouse configurations can offer more options for increased storage and internal growth.

By developing a plan and having an autocad drawing configured, a small warehouse can be transformed into a larger workplace and create new opportunities to expand your business as a whole.

Improvements and some minor additions or repairs are sometimes all that is needed to increase productivity and reduce safety hazards.

Becoming aware of expenditures on repairs, servicing, and problem areas can alleviate wastage, damaged stock and maintenance.

As well as reducing safety hazards, a new growth plan can highlight better ways to utilise space, such as in the addition of a high-rise storage area.

Often as our business grows and changes so do the different kinds of stock we store and load charts, and other safety storage factors should be addressed and updated.

In the past 3 years, it has been highlighted that more than 75% of existing pallet racking installed is not in conformance to Australian Standards and this is alarming to the warehouse industry.

Many small businesses may be purchasing pallet racking that does not conform to Australian Standards to save money, and many inferior pallet racking suppliers are bringing in imported pallet racking from Asian countries that are being sold on ebay and through auctions.

All companies in today's market are financially conscious but the risks to lives are more important; and choosing to only use pallet racking from suppliers who can provide all testing reports, warranty, and conformance certification, is paramount.

Ensure your safety and the safety of others by maintaining regular service and repair work to any damaged pallet racking caused by forklift injuries. Include a yearly safety audit to your warehouse as a routine maintenance check to maintain compliance and improve workplace safety practices.

Check all warehouse safety equipment regularly and report damages in need of repairs. Keeping up to date on new technologies available to increase safety and also production can save you thousands of dollars and improve the best return on your investment.