All Terrain DC Trolley

Company Profile:

Energy Brix is a manufacturer of coal briquettes for the energy industry.


Placing Steel Wedges into briquette former for the manufacture of briquettes.

The Problem:

Wedges weight 60kg each, and need to be accurately positioned for insertion into the briquette former. The environment is extremely dirty, with coal dust and water lying on the floor forming an uneven surface.

Product Chosen:

Customised DC 250 with Pneumatic Wheels, chequer plate platform and additional platform mounted handle. Also included a handle mounted tool tray. Compressed height, kept to a minimum to achieve lifting requirements.

Benefits of this Product:

Larger Pneumatic wheels allowed this custom trolley to move freely and accurately position wedges. The heavy-duty chequer plate flatform was used to minimise friction for easy insertion of the wedges into the former.


  • Overhead handling Solution.
  • Standard DC Trolley.
  • Mobile Lift Table.