All New Komatsu Battery Electric Forklifts

The Australian forklift industry has been introduced to the new range of Komatsu AE50/AM50 Counterbalance Electrics. Red Australia will unveil the new 3 and 4 wheel trucks ranging from 1.8 to 2.0 tonne capacity in March this year. The new electrics are ‘the answer’ for customers who are serious about total operating cost, productivity and safety.


Komatsu being the innovator in the forklift industry has not disappointed with the release, boasting many advanced features when compared with Australia’s top selling brands.

The new series is totally powered by an AC System, which unlike engine motors doesn’t use brushes and contactors, preventing unexpected repair costs and reducing total operating cost while maintaining high performance, even at low battery levels.


Airtight Wet Disc Brakes free customers from periodical brake shoe replacements because there is very little disc wear. This feature is ideal for both wet and dusty applications given that the completely sealed system keeps water and dust out of the brakes.


All round Dual Drive provides outstanding, stable traveling performance under any condition including slippery surfaces, deep puddles and slopes. This feature also enhances the turning radius and enables a fast and smooth operation.


To respond to the growing material handling market, in which trucks may be operated 24-7, Side Battery Access provides hassle free battery replacement. By removing the side panel, the battery can be handled safely with another forklift instead of a crane.


Safety and comfort are very important to the Komatsu design. Industry leading Ergonomic Combination Levers helps the operator to maintain correct operating posture, minimising fatigue even during continuous operation.

With merit to the Intelligent Monitoring System, the operator always knows the trucks condition and performance levels with a variety of indicators including battery level, speed, safety indicators, Operator Presence System and the like.


Advanced, sophisticated designs satisfy customers who are serious about total operating cost, productivity and safety and comfort.

The new Komatsu AE50/AM50 Series is

“The Answer.”