Airstroke squeezes more efficiency and savings out of tight spaces


Some of the world’s most compact pneumatic actuators are included in the latest Firestone Airstroke ranges for production and materials handling machinery applications.

This includes conveyors, metal fabrication plant, packaging lines and food and beverage
production lines.

The three smallest Airstroke actuator groups from Air Springs Supply extend in size down to the palm-sized M Series with extremely compact minimum (collapsed) height of fewer than 40mm and strokes up to 80mm.

The compact Airstroke range – in force capacities from 250kg to more than 900kg – is designed to be simpler and cheaper to engineer into demanding applications requiring smaller size with higher standards of simplicity, reliability and cleanliness, says Air Springs Supply National Manager, Simon Agar.

“These compact Airstrokes are identical in construction to the larger members of the Firestone Airstroke family in capacities up to 40,000kg, said Mr Agar.

“They share their rugged and clean fabric-reinforced rubber construction that has been proven over millions of cycles in demanding applications throughout Australian industry.”

They contain no internal moving parts to wear or break, making them suitable for use in heavily soiled areas.

All Airstrokes feature low air pressure requirements, which means they can be powered by the typical 7 bar (100psi) compressed air supplies commonly found in factories and workshops.

They all have no internal rods, pistons, sliding seals, or other components that require lubrication or protection from dirt and grit in applications ranging from food and beverage production through to metal fabrication and forming.

Airstroke actuators’ reliability is further enhanced by their ability to bend through angles up to 27deg without the complexity of a clevis. They can also tolerate slightly off-centre loading without damage to the actuator.

Their tough, clean fabric-reinforced rubber construction and lack of need for lubrication also makes them highly suitable for use in food and beverage production.

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