AirRoad – Expands their Specialised Transport Service Division with the acquisition of SFS Logistics

AirRoad Australia’s leading transport and logistics company has just acquired SFS Logistics a niche transport service for specialized and sensitive freight services.  AirRoad has an existing specialized transport division servicing clients whose freight consists of high value technical goods.


Moving sensitive freight requires considerable care and specialized set of expertise and equipment.  Goods such as high value medical equipment or computer technology needs to be packaged and lifted or installed extremely carefully.  AirRoad has enhanced their capabilities to continue delivery of this niche service to customers and through the acquisition of SFS Logistics.


 Mr Don Baxter – General Manager of the AirRoad Specialised transport service is excited about the division’s acquisition as it significantly boosts the opportunity for AirRoad to service more clients who demand these specialist freight requirements.

Mr Baxter states that, “the acquisition has resulted in acquiring additional professional staff with experience in this specialized area of transport”. 

“An integral aspect of our service is to provide expertise in the packing of a customer’s product on site by professional staff. This enables the customer to receive their goods direct, intact and in the same condition as when the product was consigned. AirRoads specialized division will also unpack the product and place it into its exact required position, whether it may be on the 1st or 25th floor. All packaging is removed from the premises and disposed of appropriately”.

“Additionally AirRoad can arrange cranes, forklifts, or whatever material handling methodology is required to manage any size product or equipment to be placed at a customers request.  Whether you distribute interstate, intrastate, or locally, you need make only one call”.


Being a specialised freight carrier we provide an independent and truly objective assessment of available distribution methods and systems. When Australian businesses use AirRoad they gain access to a substantial resource base of experienced dedicated people, who understand that performance is more than a promise.