Airnergy Analysis saves time, energy


Leading compressed air and gas system manufacturer CompAir has introduced a new service for Australian business and industry that can provide cost savings on compressed air by up to 30 per cent.

CompAir’s Airnergy Analysis provides a totally integrated and comprehensive
demand side audit of a business’ compressed air usage with a full measurement of energy use, actual airflow rates and pressures.

The unique Airnergy Analysis includes the development of a leak management plan, advice on leak correction, maintenance upgrades and provision of a detailed system report.

From the Analysis data an expert University body compiles an independent report and provides recommendations.

The typical payback period from implementing the report recommendations can be as short as one to two years.

CompAir’s managing director Gary Woodhead said a major benefit for industry was the reduction in overcapitalisation of equipment as a result of upgrading or expansion, based on the intelligence provided by the Airnergy Analysis.

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