Airflex Panels for High Speed Doors

DMF International has developed a new option of panel material for their popular Rapid Roll Doors. As an option to the standard full width clear vision section in the panel of the door, DMF can now offer the Airflex option.

The new Airflex panel is a white "meshed" type panel, with 2mm square apertures, reinforced by a concealed polyester weave so that there is no compromise to the strength of the panel. It can be used as an entire roll door panel, or as a full width section within part of the panel.

There are two main advantages achieved by this concept:

1) When high-speed roll doors are used for vermin control or minor warehouse security, the Airflex panel can maintain ventilation during hot summer months. Dust suppression can still be achieved if the Airflex panel section is at least 1m off the ground.

2) One-way vision through the door is achieved when used on external applications. Because the Airflex is white, it cannot be seen through from the outside looking in, due to the light reflection. However, full visibility is maintained when looking through the panel from the inside. This is a useful feature for warehouse security.

DMF is a family owned, fully Australian company, who have been dedicated manufacturers of flexible PVC doors for over 35 years.