Air flow is no problem with mighty Masterflo

Masterfield Industrial Equipment has found the perfect solution to ventilation problems when spray painting in large areas.

The answer is the Masterflo Filter Wall System.

When it comes to painting large components or structural steel it isn’t practical to use a spray booth, so Masterfield designs has developed a “Designated Painting Area.”

This area has natural airflow and negative exhaust ventilation.

This means spray painting of bulky items can now be carried out safely and efficiently.

Masterflo Filter Wall Systems have been proven to provide excellent single-directional airflow through the work area and include all the features of a fully complying installation.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Masterflo Filter Wall System offers years of reliable service and low maintenance costs.

A complete filter change for the installation shown is under $500 and would take no longer than 45min.

Running costs have also been minimized with the inclusion of direct-drive axial fans which produce maximum performance with minimal efficiency losses.

The system shown uses three x 3.0kW electric motors and transfers over 20,000L of air every second.

With the modular construction of the Masterflo Filter Wall System, Masterfield can find a design solution for any size facility.

Masterfield Industrial Equipment
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