AiGTS makes finding an apprentice easy


Australian Industry Group Training Services (AiGTS) is a quality endorsed Group Training Company owned and operated by Australia’s leading employer association, the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group).

With more than 460 apprentices/trainees employed and managed by AiGTS in all states
(except NT), AiGTS is taking the lead in providing national, regional and local Host Companies with quality applicants and new recruits to invest in.

This geographic spread provides the networks needed to effectively manage national host clients and deliver consistency in training, mentoring and professional development services.

AiGTS’s flexible employment arrangements and resources cater for multi national companies such as Coca-Cola Amatil through to small to medium companies in the manufacturing and related services area.

More and more companies are identifying the importance of outsourcing apprentice recruitment and taking advantage of group training arrangements through AiGTS in these challenging economic times.

The Ai Group report on how to manage apprentices through the first 100 days of their apprenticeship has led many host companies to review their employment practices and has become a must have reference tool throughout the industry to improve apprentice retention during this crucial period.

AiGTS has an experienced team of industry-based professionals, all well versed in working with today’s youth. Both the interests of the host company and apprentices well-being and development are AiGTS’s prime focus. Each apprentice and trainee is given every opportunity by AiGTS in conjunction with their Host Company to make the most out of their training and employment arrangements.

AiGTS apprentices are encouraged to understand the value of learning and how quality workmanship is achieved; they learn to share a common interest in the workplace and to be a good host company team member as they develop to their full potential.

To further practice the apprentice’s development, AiGTS is now actively planning to schedule its own industry tours direct for career developers, students and parents during 2009.

This allows our apprentices to work with their Host Companies and AiGTS to promote the industry and understand the short and long term benefits of developing a career through AiGTS.

AiGTS recognizes and rewards apprentices in their development through local, State and national award programs.

In the past year, AiGTS have issued 17 awards to a number of apprentices proving to value their excellence in learning through training.

This includes Ryan Williams, an apprentice with national health food group Uncle Tobys, who was recently named Apprentice of the Year.

For information on AiGTS and its services visit:

Ph: 1300 761 944