AiGTS gets tough on workplace bullying

AiGTS defines bullying as “repeated less favourable treatment of a person by another or others in the workplace, which may be considered unreasonable and inappropriate workplace practice”.

It is often behaviour designed to intimidate, degrade or humiliate a worker in front of co-workers, clients or customers.

National Group Training Manager Mr Dean Arundell said: “Over the past months, AiGTS has sought to strengthen our already comprehensive anti-bulling policy by making all our apprentices and trainees aware of what it actually means to be bullied, how to seek help, and how to prevent bullying behaviour in themselves and others.

“This no-tolerance message is a part of all employment inductions and is clearly displayed in the AiGTS Apprentice/Trainee Handbook.”

AiGTS Employment and Training Consultants have been asked to talk to their existing apprentices and trainees at each visit to ensure they understand their rights and their responsibilities.

Supervisors and owners of host companies are advised of their role in helping to prevent workplace bullying and have also expressed a no tolerance stance.

Along with taking a derisive and strong stance against workplace bullying, AiGTS provides workers with several clear cut avenues to report such misconduct.

Apprentices and trainees can contact their Education and Training Consultant or their respective State Managers directly if they prefer. All conversations are treated seriously and confidentially.

The AiGTS grievance procedure also encourages apprentices and trainees to write directly to the Director of Training Services who will respond within seven days.

And if workers are not happy with the way their dispute has been handled, the Apprentice/Trainee Handbook contains information on how to address this issue.

“In talking about workplace bullying AiGTS hopes to assist young workers to identify and prevent this behaviour in themselves and others, or from it happening to them or co-workers, says Dean Arundell. They are encouraged to speak up and to be assured that their complaint or report will be handled confidentially and professionally.”

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