AiGTS chairman celebrates 15 years of achievement

Doug Loveless recently celebrated 15 years as Chairman of Australian Industry Group Training Services (AiGTS) – a leading provider of apprentices to Australian companies.

During that time Doug has never missed a Board meeting – an extraordinary achievement.

He has guided AiGTS through a period of rapid growth and expansion.

The organisation is now a major force in apprenticeship training in Australia.

Doug joined AiGTS (originally known as ACM Skill Centre) in April 1995.

Just two months later, after attending just two meetings, he accepted the position of

In 1998 Australian Chamber of Manufactures (ACM) and Metal Trades Industry Association (MTIA) joined forces to become The Australian Industry Group.

Doug played a major role in the amalgamation of these bodies.

“The success of AiGTS can be attributed in part to a very dedicated Chairman who gets a buzz from being part of a business that has given thousands of young people an
opportunity to become qualified in a trade,” said National Group Training Manager Dean

Doug began his working life in 1960 with a cadetship at the State Electricity Commission
of Victoria (SECV). The cadetship allowed Doug to experience various duties within the
personnel function of the SECV.

But Doug yearned to experience commercial life and so joined MacRobertson Chocolates
as an Employment and Safety Officer five years later.

Doug’s commercial life took an exciting turn in 1967 when Cadbury Schweppes took over MacRobertson Chocolate where he progressed through various production and manufacturing positions culminating in an appointment to the Cadbury Schweppes Board in 1990 as Manufacturing Director, Asia Pacific.

A year later Doug became a Councillor with Australian Chamber of Manufactures (ACM) in 1991.

While at Cadbury Schweppes, Doug used the Skill Centre to train its engineering apprentices. He was most impressed with the dedication and quality of the training
and the staff.

He left Cadbury Schweppes as HR Director, Asia Pacific region in 2002.

As a young man Doug was an accomplished Australian Rules player with Oakleigh in the
Victorian Football Association (VFA), now the Victorian Football League (VFL).

A little known fact is that Doug played against the Director, Training Services of AiGTS, Brian Kerwood who then played for Brunswick.

In 1963 Doug won the Todd Medal, which is awarded annually to the fairest and best
player in the then VFA (VFL) Reserve Grade competition.

In June the AiGTS Board celebrated Doug’s 15-year achievement with a dinner in Sydney.

The AiGTS Board and staff congratulated Doug on “his selfless duty” over this period.

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